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For case in point, when “explained” is generally likely to properly explain a piece of dialogue or a quote from an outdoors supply, there are words and phrases to use alternatively of “stated” that can reveal the intention behind dialogue or the info conveyed in a quote . Let’s say you integrate a quotation the place the writer is disagreeing with a level designed by a scholar.

Guaranteed, you could introduce that estimate with, “Dr. Smith explained. ” But you could be much more exact by introducing the quote with a word that signifies that the quotation is likely to specific disagreement, like, “Dr.

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Smith countered ” or “Dr. Smith responded .

“Finally, your writing is expressive and vivid when you keep away from repetition . When your word alternative reflects the feelings or tone expressed by a estimate or piece of dialogue that you include things like in your producing, your readers can get a greater perception of your intended meaning. Working with synonyms for “stated” to make tone and imagery in your crafting can assist visitors better recognize your posture and make them far more prepared to purchase into your strategies.

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What’s Next?If you’re studying for the verbal portion of your SAT or ACT, we have bought you included. Here are our specialist guides to the verbal portions of the SAT and ACT, and we even have guidelines and tricks to support you tackle the essay sections! These are just a couple of the tons (and tons!) of means we have, so be confident to examine out our blog site for far more info. This cheat sheet for methods to say “reported” can be actually valuable if you are beginning to create your university admissions essays . Understand how to start off your essay off properly, and make guaranteed you know the most significant blunders you really should stay away from, much too.

If you happen to be applying this manual to assistance you create creatively, you might be a fantastic in shape for a artistic creating degree ! This is a guidebook to the very best innovative producing schools and systems in the United States. Have friends who also have to have enable with examination prep? Share this report!Another Phrase for Good: a hundred forty five Synonyms for Wonderful with Examples. What is yet another term for “wonderful”? This lesson offers you with a checklist of handy good synonyms in English.

Study these synonyms for excellent to enhance and extend your vocabulary in English. Also, case in point sentences for every term are involved to assistance you understand the use of just about every fantastic synonym individually.

Table of Contents. Great Synonym. Great Definition and Illustrations. Meaning of Great : Something considerable in measurement amount or intangible attributes. It is considerable, or of huge magnitude. It can also signify some thing or an individual excellent at a higher level than ordinary. It is generally made use of to show goodness.

rn”The White Cliffs of Dover give a excellent practical experience for the passengers on the ferry from France. ” “It felt fantastic to acquire a telephone phone from a extensive-shed mate right now.

” “The vital point in existence is to have a fantastic goal, and the resolve to achieve it. ” “Gentle difficulties talk good troubles are silent. “Other Words and phrases for Great. Common synonyms for the phrase “Fantastic”. Admirable Amazing Arresting Astonishing Brilliant Wonderful Breathtaking Outstanding Money Charming Intelligent Commendable Delightful Distinguished Exclusive Partaking Pleasing Estimable Superb Remarkable Exemplary Exquisite Remarkable Magnificent Great Fascinating Finest First-amount Flawless Superb Impressive Incomparable Remarkable Inestimable Invaluable Laudable Pretty Magnificient Marvelous Masterful Miraculous Monumental Noteworthy Noteworthy Out of sight Fantastic Frustrating Perfect Phenomenal Priceless Refreshing Exceptional Sensational Skillful Special Stunning Tremendous One of a kind Superb Stunning.