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10 Best Crypto Signals 2022 Free & Paid

With more than 30,000 community members, MYC Signals is another provider widely used by crypto traders. It offers trading signals for Bitcoin, altcoins, and, importantly, crypto futures. With MYC Signals, users are able to pick a paid plan based on their strategy. In this guide, we will explore the concept of crypto trading signals and explain how to use them.

  • HIRN Signals is run by a team of experienced, professional traders that share Crypto Trading Signals.
  • The two main parameters that usually guide a crypto signal provider’s trade calls are fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
  • It offers trading signals for Bitcoin, altcoins, and, importantly, crypto futures.
  • Zignaly helps eliminate fraud by becoming the middleman between signal providers and traders.
  • D2T tokens are currently available to buy on a number of exchanges, including, Changelly and Uniswap, among others.

Dash 2 Trade is a new cryptocurrency and among the best crypto signals platforms currently in development. Instead of using Telegram, Jacob shares his strategies and signals on Discord, which is a better alternative and provides a comparatively better avenue for socializing with other crypto traders. And it offers adequate information about the market which is highly advantageous for beginners.

The premium telegram groups are often cryptocurrency exchange specific. This is why it becomes important to have an account with the exchange your provider is sending signals for. There exists slight price discrepancies between cryptocurrency exchanges that mean a price of $8500 per bitcoin on Binance may in fact be $8,550 per bitcoin on Coinbase. Consistency is generally on the higher side, which is even more impressive considering that the group regularly delivers more than 100 signals per month for different cryptocurrencies. Automated trading is also supported, which allows you to connect your API keys and use the service’s advanced bots to trade on supported exchanges. CoinSignals is another major crypto signals provider on Telegram that’s worth checking out.

Best Free Signals

The signals are a combination of analyzing over 80 technical indicators backed up by the FA. To be on the safer side, it is best to set a One-Cancel-the-Other order, which requires traders to input both the value of the ST and SL, respectively. Sell Target is the price you’re willing to sell to make a gain, while Stop Loss is the price level you want to sell to reduce your losses in case things do not go as planned. The value is usually given in the range and it is left for the trader to identify where to place the purchase order. Setting your purchase order below the range given by the expert may not end well, as the coin may not reach your expected level before reaching its sale target.

Fat Pig Signals has an established track record of more than 75% accuracy across all its signals. This article listed and reviewed the top ten crypto signals that are currently available in the market. Since you will be investing your money in a cryptocurrency based on the trade call made by the signal expert, it is important that you find out how the signals are arrived at.

How to read crypto trading signals

Led by experienced traders, some users might even consider it a veteran crypto trading signals service. Ultimately, generating profit from crypto trading signals is never guaranteed. The market is dynamic and often unpredictable, so it’s never worth investing money you can’t afford to lose. However, online crypto communities that offer reliable trading signals, such as those listed in this article, can offer a welcome boost to well-researched trading strategies. It’s worth noting that trading signals are not a guaranteed way to make profits, and it’s important to do your own research and make your own decisions. However, crypto trading signals can be helpful if you’re new to trading or want to save time on market analysis.

The signal provider also has a professional support team that is ready to address all enquiries and queries in the shortest possible time. Part of its services includes crypto education, a free Telegram signal group to enable intending users to test its accuracy and a functional web platform. Universal Crypto Signals runs both free and premium Telegram channels where it disseminates its uniquely-researched signals to traders. On the other hand, people who choose medium or long-term are confident that they will be on the trade for a long time and as such are referred to as investors.

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Most crypto enthusiasts must have come across these words in the past. While it may not seem important to many, these are the most important factors that guide a signal provider’s decision about what cryptocurrency to invest in. All trades are executed via a broker and a mobile or desktop application called METATRADER which is like a gateway between you and the financial markets/broker. We have more than 5 years in Crypto and 10 years in trading all together. Our team works everyday to provide consistent and profitable signals.

BeInCrypto Premium channel: crypto trading signals from BeInCrypto Pro traders

Project reviews – Learn about the best crypto cards, exchanges, wallets, new coin listings, etc. This guide featuring some of the best crypto signal groups on Telegram aims to help you bypass such challenges, so you can go on and find an ideal Telegram channel that meets your expectations. You can also use the recently launched WatchList feature on Bitcourier’s coin list to monitor the price of your favourite cryptocurrencies. You need to understand whether the expert usually conducts FA, TA, or the combination of both for cryptocurrencies before giving out calls, or whether they arrive at the decision based on mere instinct. Users will be required to fund the account with a minimum of $20, which they can use to trade. With this in mind, BeinCrypto hopes to benefit from StormGain’s referral program, which it will use to keep the free trading signal program going.

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Sometimes, they can analyse signs of an alt-season in crypto or receive early information about a project like the announcement of an airdrop for holders of the coin. You can cancel your subscription via our automated Payment robot anytime you wish, if you need any help with that please send a message to the Telegram Bot and we will assist you. This means that users will be offered information on not only the crypto pair but also the ideal entry/exit conditions. After all, this would be the most practical way to assess the quality of signals before signing up for a longer subscription plan.

Select the Best Trading Signal

All of these platforms offer crypto signals that cover all necessary data for investors to place a risk-mitigated trade. Another factor that can shine a light on the credibility of a crypto signals provider is the strength of its community. However, not every trader will have the time to analyze market conditions or know how to use the information at hand in order to arrive at investment decisions.

Provides daily news updates about what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market. People who opt for short trades may be classified as trend-following traders and are expected to always be on the lookout for price movement to know the condition of the market. Signal experts usually arrive at this decision by scanning through a few of the available cryptocurrencies and examining their market data such as the price trends and moving averages.

How to Get Started With a Trading Signal

Crypto signal groups are becoming increasingly popular because they free traders from the need to conduct their own research and analyses. Needless to say, this is particularly useful for rookie crypto traders who are not much familiar with the asset class. That said, crypto traders — rookie or seasoned — still have a responsibility to manage their accounts and monitor market dynamics carefully. The channel covers several exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Bybit, Bitmex, Huobi, Kucoin, Okex, and Coinbase. In addition, they also provide daily Bitcoin price updates and general market updates. CoinSignals also has a free crypto signal channel that provides market news and basic signals .

It prides itself as one of the few premium Telegram groups to have delivered over 3,000 signals with more than 80% accuracy. The Rocket Wallet team claims to be all about responsible trading and giving their VIP members insights into the current market situation. There is a free channel with around 36,000 members that offers a decent volume of learning materials and market insights regularly. While some signal packages also come with crypto beginner guides, many providers do not have such an initiative, as they tend to believe their trade calls will be easy to understand for everyone. Ensure the performance of the expert is good, with his or her profit recorded surpassing the losses. The signal provider does not need to blow his trumpet for interested participants, his achievements in the space will speak for him.

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Verified Crypto Traders has three Telegram channels and one group for Platinum members. The service claims to rely on complex mathematics and patterns to predict market movements. The Rocket Wallet Signals Bot regularly shares the latest profit reports and other meta information that can be accessed by members of all channels . Stay informed about happenings and events pertaining to blockchain, Bitcoin, decentralised finance and fintech. The support unit consists of a group of professional experts who are always available to address your enquiries and issues, should any arise. Beginner traders are properly guided until they become professionals.

Contrary to other signal providers that require traders to pay a fee to be upgraded to the pro group, BeinCrypto only demands that clients create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange StormGain. The two main parameters that usually guide a crypto signal provider’s trade calls are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. TradingView is a widely used technical analysis tool among traders in various markets. With its integration with major cryptocurrency exchanges, TradingView has become a popular platform for charting and analyzing cryptocurrencies. The most important factor to explore when choosing a crypto signals provider is its success rate.

On the other hand, by choosing the premier option, VIP users will receive two to three signals per day. Access to this VIP Telegram group comes at a monthly fee of £42 (around $47). There are also quarterly, bi-annual, or annual plans, each of which comes with a significant discount. Jacob Crypto Bury is undoubtedly one of the best crypto signals platforms that investors can rely on at the moment.

Crypto Alarm

CoinSignals mainly focuses on Binance signals, BitMEX signals, and Bittrex signals. You can choose to pay a monthly fee of $200, $600 for six months, and $1,200 for 12 months subscription . The VIP group offers more quality crypto signals personalized service and each signal is thoroughly analyzed with several technical indicators. This makes a better choice for anyone looking for detailed, personalized analyses of what position to occupy and when.


Crypto Rand Group is a paid professional group with a huge number of traders who seek expert advice and crypto signals. Crypto Rand analysts also provide detailed analyses on various crypto instruments and currencies. The popularity of Crypto Rand has increased to the level that the capacity of accommodating traders is always full. Often traders are put on waiting list when they show interest in becoming a member. Crypto Classics is one of the prominent names in the Crypto World which provides the best crypto trading signals. It originated in the Forex world before the start of Bitcoin but quickly adapted to the new market.

FatPigSignals – Free Crypto Signals Provider With Clear Trading Results

Learn2 Trade is very popular for its forex signals but also offers accurate It has a team of professional traders who have over 15 plus years of market experience. To inform its members about the market situation, with the potential scenarios while highlighting all the major moves/news in the crypto and stock markets. In addition to it also provides one-to-one mentorship which is about custom-tailored tuition about technical analysis. Crypto Rand has earned immense popularity in the crypto world and is undoubtedly one of the best crypto signal providers. The success of Signals Blue can be identified from the fact that they have an accuracy rate of 91.07%, as of March 2021.